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Ashworth Barnes is an custom automotive entrepreneur from Houston Texas. His Company, 713 Motoring was recognized by Complex Magazine in 2013 As Being One Of the 20 best Custom car shops in America. When he isn’t conceptually creating or customizing the baddest cars in the country, Ashworth enjoys travel, live sporting events and live music. Ashworth Also attributes staying active in the community and attending church gives him the inspiration he needs to create colorfully. During his 18 year career in the automotive industry he has reached several accolades Ashworth has won carshows graced magazine covers and coordinated holiday food drives for the less fortunate. Over The years Ashworth has maintained professional relationships with several A listers, professional athletes and entertainers. Ashworth was raised on the Southside of Houston Texas by a single mother with the help of grandparents and a host of relatives. For Ashworth, staying out a trouble wasn’t always the easiest task. Punishment often included writing sentences and copying pages directly from the dictionary. These drills, even though a redundant form of reprimand increased Ashworth’s vocabulary and english skills at an early age. Ashworth’s 6th grade english teacher pushed him to enter the spelling bee competition. Ashworth excelled in these competitions and won at the local, district and citywide levels. Ashworth went on the be a standout student athlete at Madison High School in Houston Texas and was awarded a full athletic scholarship by several universities. Ashworth’s total combined offers were the most in the district that school year. Ashworth was voted Most popular male by his fellow students in his senior class. Ashworth continued his education in college at the University of Minnesota studying criminal justice and minoring in English. After football dreams dwindled with a broken hand in his senior season, Ashworth and a group of 3 friends from high school started hustling wheels and automotive accessories out of a garage in Hiram Clarke and the legend of 713 Motoring began. Ashworth experienced the growing pains of trying to learn how to translate a hobby into a real business. Certain struggles arose and differences on the direction of the growing business founded by friends became complicated. Conflicts of interest became difficult to maintain the long term childhood friendship that eventually caused guys to go their separate ways. In December 2013 Ashworth Reconnected with an old 713 Client From 2007 AK Manesh. Ashworth shared visions on the recreation of the new 713 retail model with AK and the two began to plan a relaunch of the brand merging the lifestyle elements of creativity and design the two shared. Ashworth began to shift his focus more on the collision side of the automotive spectrum, while AK remained entrenched on the custom forefront. The Two Partnered An Collaborated On A Lifestyle Brand that’s houses both of the individual companies and shared interest as well. January 2018 a new flagship retail store was launched. AK handles behind the scenes business, while maintaining the shop flow and Ashworth focuses on customer relations and building projects. Ashworth is currently working on a high fashioned charged collaboration for the 2020 Dub Show Exhibition With A Release Of A 1 Owner 20 Car Fleet Of New Custom Projects Debuting At The Annual Show This Summer.

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